Existing clients: who see me for kinesiology sessions, please telephone me using the number on your appointment card. You should be able to reach me directly with this number, but if I am not available, leave a message and I will call you back within a few hours, or the next working day.

New clients: call 020-3286-6845 and leave a message to register your interest in a session. Please understand that there is now a 6-month waiting list and you will be contacted only when there is an opening.

Telephone consultations: I do not offer telephone consultations, and will only discuss your health IN PERSON as part of a paid kinesiology session. If you leave a message asking me to call you back and give you advice on your health, I will not be able to return it.

Newsletter subscribers and book customers: I have an assistants who handle customer support on my behalf. Click here to contact customer support, and please give as much information as possible, so that one of the assistants can help you with your enquiry.